Kayli's eyes

Kayli's eyes

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Warmth in My Heart and Butterflies in My Stomach

Tonight was Community Group night.  This is our small group from church.  They all surprised us with little sending off gifts.  Each couple shopped for items that they thought we might need on our trip!  Everything from tums, to clif bars!  a box full of items that we will more than likely use it all up.  What was so touching about each item (even the Preperation H for... I'm sure you can guess) is that they were bought using their time, their money, and their creativity, for us.  I continued to be overwhelmed and stunned by all the support and encouragement and love we are receiving as we prepare to head off on our journey to Kayli!  My heart is warm.

Sitting down working on the boys itenerary for my Mom while we're gone, just entering the dates and thinking about dates like Gotcha Day (the day where we are given Kayli) causes butterflies to stir within.

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