Kayli's eyes

Kayli's eyes

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Painting the House and Bowling

Yeah, we're painting the house; with only three days until we leave for China.  And yes, we're crazy.  We're doing it up Shane and Alana style; as usual.  We painted most of the house about a month ago and had quite a bit left of edging in some rooms and all of the above one story high, two story high walls left to complete it.  So we had a few guys from our Community Group come over and help us crank it out. 

In a little while we're going to take the boys bowling using our $25 Summer Bowling Family Pass.  The boys have never bowled before so they are very excited!  We got the pass so that their Uncle and Nana could take them while we're away or for needed quiet times around the house once we return.  We wanted to do one last family outing as a family of 6 before Shane and I leave on Wednesday.  I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with them.  We've been SO busy getting ready that the quality time with them has suffered as a result.

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