Kayli's eyes

Kayli's eyes

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One More Day

13 months of paperwork, processing, and waiting is at last down to just one day away.  One day away from boarding a plane that will take us on a Journey of a Lifetime and change our lives forever.  Our Lord is sovereign!  He works all things for the good of those that love Him.  So with that, we place all our uknowns, uncertainties, fears, concerns, worries, axiety, and our lack of ability in the One who is able to make all things new; even Kayli's abandoned and hurting heart.  Shane's parents emailed us a prayer poem that seemed so approrpiate for where we're at and what our thoughts are just one day away.

God's Little Girl

Oh, little girl, from a far away land.
Right from the start from the Father's hand,
He fashioned your frame in ways so grand,
And loves you in ways you don't understand.

And though we've yet to hold your precious frame,
You've captured our hearts and we long to call your name.
We thank God for you , a gift so sweet and pure
And pray for you, to know His Son for sure.

And as you grow, may you always know.
The Lord is with you wherever you go.
We promise to love you thro' all of your days,
But never forget, His love is far greater always.

Our Father's Son, he freely gave.
And all who believe, He surely will save.
Oh little girl, we're all adopted at so great a price,
But as God's little girl, you've been chosen twice.

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